Welcome to Learning Together

Your link to Professional Development and Inservice opportunities in School District 60. Check back frequently as we add new opportunities.

Opportunities by Month

Welcome to the Learning Together calendar for staff in School District 60: Peace River North.

This is a page that can host professional development and inservice opportunities available to members of the SD60 community.

How to Use

The menus above provides links to view opportunities by month. It also has a link for opportunities that are categorized Series or PRNTA. At the top of the page you can also find a Search box to type in a search term.

What You Can Find

School District 60 hosts a broad array of professional development and inservice opportunities. Anything posted here should be specifically for School District staff or related to district staff through their associations. Private functions won’t be listed here unless there is a partnership with SD60.

Who to Contact

Key contacts are available who can post information about professional development or inservice in the district. These include Learning Services administration, coaches, and admin assistants. The PRNTA Pro-D committee also will be able to post.

SD60 Employee Family Assistance Program – EFAP

Below is a description of the Employee & Family Assistance Program for SD60 from Patrick Crawshaw of Brown Crawshaw Inc.

For personal matters whatever they may be you can contact them confidentially at 1-800-668-2055 or on the web at http://www.bciconsulting.ca/