• Concept Studio

    Big Ideas + Math concepts + Indigenous Ways of Learning + Nature + Curricular Competencies + Core Competencies = CONCEPT CLASSROOM. Concept Classroom is a place for building connections to place, culture and community.  It is a place for student centered learning that is socially constructed and collaborative. Presentation Date:  April 22, 2022 Time:  9:00 […]

  • Changemakers

    The life outcomes for adults living with FASD are generally very poor, but most research has been focused on adverse consequences in children. As such, “research is urgently needed to understand the long-term developmental trajectory of individuals with FASD” (Himmelreich et al, 2020, p. 191). The Changemakers are six adults living with FASD who are […]

  • SMART Learning: Developing Thinking & Processing Skills with and within Students

    Want to learn more about SMART reading?  This workshop is being offered on April 22, 2022 from 9:00-3:00 pm. Audience:  Teachers, LATs & Administrators Location:  Venue will be communicated with registrants in the near future Registration:  Please email Anita Yorke at ayorke@prn.bc.ca Final Smart Poster Apr 22

  • Using Pictures to Advance Literacy Skills

    Participants will learn how to use and adapt the Picture Word Inductive Model to improve the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of their students. PWIM is a great UDL strategy for students of all grade levels. Date: Friday, April 22, 2022 Time:  1:00-3:00 pm Location:  Virtual Delivery Registration:  Please email Christine Bourgeois, District ELL […]

  • POPEY Workshop Schedule January to June 2022

    The Provincial Outreach Program for the Early Years is offering several virtual workshop opportunities for educators from January through to June, 2022.  Please click on the link below for a list of all options as well as registration procedures. POPEY Workshops