• Talking About Academic Language

    Conversation = Collaboration Discussion around academic language needs in all areas and for all learners.  Strategies and ideas to support learning across the curriculum and content areas. Date:  May 7, 2021 Time:  9:30-10:30 am Format:  Zoom link in pdf below Please access Zoom link below: Academic Language    

  • Literature Circles & Book Clubs

    For registration and questions please contact Anita Yorke, District Literacy Support Teacher at ayorke@prn.bc.ca

  • Structured Work Systems for Educational Assistants

    Topic: Structured Work Systems Description: Providing structure and organization in the classroom can help facilitate meaningful learning and promote greater independence for students with ASD. One way to promote structure and organization in the classroom is through the use of visual supports. A structured work system is an organized presentation of tasks and materials that visually communicate […]

  • The Guided Reading Lesson

    Session: Breaking It Down:  Before Reading Date:  January 29, 2021 (NID) Time:  9:00-10:30 am Target Audience:  K-3 Registration:  Contact Anita Yorke, District Literacy Support Teacher via email at ayorke@prn.bc.ca Registration Deadline:  January 27, 2021 For further details: Jan 29 Gdd Rdg Poster Zoom

  • Ministry of Education ShareEd BC Webinar Sessions

    The Ministry of Education is offering webinars for those interested in learning more about ShareEd BC.  Please read both links below for details, registration procedures and list of webinar dates. ShareEdoverview WEBINAR Schedule – Jan-May Final – Jan. 8 2021

  • POPFASD Live Pro-D Session

    POPFASD is offering FASD 101:  Using an FASD-informed Approach To Support All Students Date: February 26, 2021 Time:  9:00-11:30 am Further information and registration: POPFASD Live Poster

  • POPFASD: FASD Class Options

    POPFASD is offering some class options for educators about FASD.  Registration opens on January 19th 2021. For more information and class options: Poster for FASDClass