Welcoming Students Back: Building Strong Relationships from the Start

Join in on a social-emotional ProD Session on September 1st focused on building strong, intentional relationships with students during the first month back. Certainly, there are many benefits to having solid relationships with the students we work with, so this session will explore how we can kick-start these relationships as soon as students walk back through our school doors.

This session will be collaborative among participants to share and gain ideas on how to build relationships with students from other experienced educators. Ahead of the session, send Erin one or two of your favorite go-to relationship building activities, routines, tools, or strategies.

Date: Tuesday September 1, 2020
Time: 10-11:30am
Location: Zoom
Target Audience: Teachers
Register: Email eschaubel@prn.bc.ca to receive the Zoom invite

Sept 1 ProD Session (2)